You all seem to be very smart, please help a sis out:(

I can’t get myself to study…

I have finals in a month, and I just can’t get myself to study. I did not study the entire year and now I have a shit ton (10+ chapters for every subject) that I haven’t touched. I like my subjects, I love them in fact but I can’t study. I procrastinate, I waste time, but when I finally sit down to study, I can’t study or retain most things. I have tried different study methods but they don’t do any good either. Things were not like this before. I think I’ve lost the ability to study or I’ve lost my brain strength I have a lot on the line, and I am worried…but apparently not enough to study properly? I can’t fail, if I do fail, everything’s over. I know I shouldn’t depend on my marks to decide whether my life is over or not, but it really is over if I fail. What do I do? I can’t keep my phone turned off or on silent either for other reasons, other than that my phone doesn’t distract me tbh.

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  1. Loki

    Sit in a chair with the course materials in front of you on a table. Set a timer for 30 minutes, don’t leave that chair for those 30 minutes. Don’t worry about your study method, just do something with the material. Read, take notes, whatever. When done, reward yourself.

    Do this even once a day for the month and you’ll be fine. Stop focusing on the idea of the studying, that’s just another way you’re not studying. You’re having a very normal stress/procrastination study response thing. No tricks, just sit in the chair and look at the materials.

  2. Ann

    I found when I prepared for class by reading the material and making notes before lecture, I didn’t really need to study. I read through my notes and made some connections, but I didn’t ever feel like I had to cram for an exam. I think the idea of cramming is really overwhelming. Making a schedule to prepare for class by reading beforehand just seems more doable for me.

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