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So I was waitlisted from UMich yesterday but I’m not sure what I can do to increase my chances of getting off the waitlist. I know that last year only 0.5% of students got off the waitlist so my chances aren’t likely, but I’d like to give my best shot. Does UMich allow LOCI’s? On the waitlist FAQ, it states, “We will not accept any additional documents from you unless specifically requested, as they will not impact your final decision.” Does that mean they don’t allow LOCI’s?

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  1. funlab

    Last year .5% were admitted from the waitlist pool of over 13k students, definitely a small number. However, although it’s probably safe to assume it will be a ridiculously low number again this year, there’s some hope it will be higher given the previous years numbers. Those were 13%, 2% and 7% from a smaller pool of waitlisted students.

  2. IV12

    13% was probably 2020, when many waitlisted students were accepted due to Covid gap year requests.

  3. ImA1Dad

    Where do you get those numbers from (13%, 2%, 7%, 0.5%)? Does anyone have a link?
    Do you know how many applicants were there this year and how many were accepted?
    Does anyone know how many were waitlisted this year?

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