Scam scholarship ?

My son is a jr in college . This so called institution has granted him a 3,000 scholarship , yet he hasn’t even applied for it . Also he hasn’t applied for grad school . They are offering him a mentor also . This all sounds shady AF. Scholarships expire after 12 months . I’ll bet he never gets a dime , and they hook him into paying for a mentor

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  1. sunsetrules

    The scholarship part is common. Colleges will give out scholarships to students who will attend without them needing to apply for the scholarship. It’s normally income and/or academic based. I’ve heard of colleges assigning mentors to students when they first enroll. So it’s not that far fetched.

    If the Jr. college is a local public college, it is probably legit. Like someone else mentioned, if you’re concerned, reach out to them or Google the college and see if any red flags come up.

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