Is school useless? Why or why not?

School is almost completely useless. Whether this is an unpopular opinion or not it needs to be heard and spread because I almost guarantee that at least 80% of students agree with me on this. Take my privileges, take my car, take my gaming, take my phone, take whatever, but your doing it wrong. I know you parents and adults will look down on my opinions on this because I’m a 16 year old kid that knows nothing of the world and should be an immature teenager but one of these times you will realize and so will all the other parents of the world that this is the wrong way to go about things and almost every single kid in the school will back me up and vouch me on this.

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  1. Pavlinka (author)

    Most schools do not educate. They train students.

    School should not imprint informations in a student’s head.

    They should teach how to learn.

    Schools and institutions do not teach real life skills for real life situations. 8 hours schooling, teaching is an outdated, backwards way of transforming knowledge and useless way of educating others.

    Education is important. Not school.

    School is a place that kills creativity, forces blind obedience, and seeks conformity among all students. Threats of violence do not make for a good education. “Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion has no hold on the mind”.

    All it does is make people part of the crowd. The system hasn’t changed since 1900. It was made that way so it can put people in factories and do the same thing for 8 hours paying them $2/hour. Nowadays school doesn’t care about you, your personality, your difficulties and your problems.

    The average person will never use 90% of the things they’re taught in high school classes. The educational system really needs to rethink the kind of classes it makes mandatory. Far too many classes are completely inapplicable to life in the real world.

    I hate it when teachers say to show your work when I can do it in my head. I hate it when math problems say to “explain”.

    And no. I’m not “stupid”.

    I’m still the best in my class, my IQ is 139 and I speak 5 languages.

    So don’t come with “You’re trying to justify your fucking bad grades blablabla”.

  2. max

    Around 99% of the stuff taught to kids over 13 will not be applied in their lives.

    Schools teach theory which is perfect for those that go into academia, but useless for the 99% that don’t.

    But unless you learn the theory you will not get a place at university.

  3. Hector

    10 questions to answer your question:

    Are you getting educated or getting a degree?
    Is this something you have to do, or something you choose to do?
    Are you getting educated or indoctrinated?
    Is school growing you or stressing you?
    Are you learning relevant skills or outdated skills?
    Is the price payed worth it? What’s your ROI?
    Are you paying for a good school or a famous school?
    Are you growing your natural talents or suppressing them?
    Are you a paying for relevant knowledge or are you just a commodity in a globalized hyperconnected world?
    Are you being molded into fitting-into a “standard” or educated to lead and “stand-out?”

    School is NOT worthless — its needed!
    A degree is worthless and NO longer needed!
    Knowledge is priceless and essential for the Digital Age!

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