Is it bad to study till I’m 27 years old

I’m (21F) an Indian student who is gonna do her 18 month PG in Design starting August (I’ll be 23 when I complete). That’s the only proper qualification I will have in the field since I did a BA in a very different field. I want to move abroad to live a better life but just this one creative qualification will not be enough so I want to do an advanced diploma in Canada. But it’s gonna be for 3 years. I’ll just turn 24 if i choose to go and may finish by 27 and then work.

My Dad said don’t worry about the costs and do whatever you wanna do to get educated. But then he also said something like "But see properly because you don’t wanna go on studying for the rest of your life, right?" and I feel like he was hinting towards my age and how I won’t be properly working till 27. Because Indian mentality is you have to get married within your 20s, anything after is old, nobody will marry you.

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  1. bella

    Just work on what makes you happy, don’t worry about time, don’t think you have to be like others. Just go at the pace you feel comfortable with. I know lots of people who got married later in life, and they are much more happy than people who felt they had to get married by a certain age.

  2. joe

    Use your BA to support yourself when you are looking for a job, everything you learn can help you in one way or another. Combine your BA and PG and the skills and knowledge on job interviews.

    Getting a job is about applying to wherevwr you feel like and then selling yourself. Degree has little to do as I studied Video game coding but work in IT. I know ppl who studied Pshychology and do UX/UI or software testing.

    And if that does not seem reasonable for you then I think that studying until you are 30 or older is fine if you can juggle other responsibilities.

    If you move abroad, maybe marriage etc is also not an issue if theres a change in cultures. I dont know how to comment on that.

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