Is a high school counselor a good job

A potential goal in mind is becoming a high school counselor. I was wondering if this a good career? How long does it take to become one? What major do I need to take? I’m transferring to a university with a psychology major from my community college, and one of my main goals is to go into a career relating to psychology. Could I become a high school counselor if I major in psychology? I was also wondering what happens to counselors when schools are closed for summer or winter break? I had that aspect in mind as well.

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  1. Beth

    One of the only fields that requires more credentialing, is more demanding, and paid less than teaching is counseling. Counseling in a school exacerbates this.

    Schools desperately need counselors, so if it’s a calling then I think you’re doing a great service.

    But no. It is not a good career. I can’t imagine another job where you put in more work for as little compensation as you would expect.

  2. super_sayanything

    Understand you are going to see students that you really like with bad home lives, destructive habits and you will rip your heart out trying to help them and send them away knowing that they’re going to live a torturous life with no support.

    There will be many successes. But, be able to know you can cope with that. It’s not easy.

    Some schools have counselors work summers, some don’t. You either make enough money or you work at a restaurant or doing whatever.

  3. sunsetrules

    I suggest being a school psychologist if you want to help people with their problems. Plus, they earn more.

  4. joezbaeerday

    Im a college counselor but have worked abroad. Good perks. Just need a bachelors. I would say education could be a good major but anything is fine. You get summers paid, housing is often included, but wages may not be great (depends on the country). Good luck.

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