If I got expelled from high school, how do I get my college scholarship back?

Ok so I’m in tenth grade in my high school, and I got expelled for a gram of marijuana, but I made a mistake, and I want to fix it, and I still want to be able to get scholarships, and maybe even a full ride, is it possible for me to get a scholarship with this expulsion on my academic record? My police record is clean, I got that taken care of.

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  1. BrownParent

    I would make sure to do something to show demonstrated commitment to whatever is the opposite of bringing drugs to school. Something that shows some devotion and commitment to something outside your world of getting high at school. Show some character and newly discovered good judgement. So find some kind of activity where you can make an impact, perhaps some students need tutoring there, for one thing.

    Scholarships or aid is sometimes based on income, and just getting in, are you familiar with how aid works overall? You are going to have to be applying with a blot on your record. For some colleges this will be huge, for others not so much. I think you should focus on now and wait to consider scholarships after you have some kind of track record to discuss.

  2. max

    Why do you care about college? If you did, you wouldn’t have behaved in such a manner to get you expelled

  3. Marc

    I strongly doubt that after being expelled, that there is a college scholarship waiting for you. Sorry.

    Poor decisions have consequences.

  4. Alice

    My D’s HS tracks community service hours. When they perform CS, there is a form that includes date, name of the organization, hours worked, purpose and a signature and contact info for supervisor. They input info to HS to record. If your HS does not track this, do it yourself and just keep a binder or log. Another option, if you volunteer mainly at one place ie. library, hospital, they might be involved with the President’s Community Service Award system that also tracks this info. If they are not involved, but do have a lot of teen volunteers, you could volunteer to get them set up for the President’s Award. If you volunteer in numerous places, just keep the binder and log so you have a record of how many hours and for whom.

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