You all seem to be very smart, please help a sis out:(

I can’t get myself to study…

I have finals in a month, and I just can’t get myself to study. I did not study the entire year and now I have a shit ton (10+ chapters for every subject) that I haven’t touched. I like my subjects, I love them in fact but I can’t study. I procrastinate, I waste time, but when I finally sit down to study, I can’t study or retain most things. I have tried different study methods but they don’t do any good either. Things were not like this before. I think I’ve lost the ability to study or I’ve lost my brain strength I have a lot on the line, and I am worried…but apparently not enough to study properly? I can’t fail, if I do fail, everything’s over. I know I shouldn’t depend on my marks to decide whether my life is over or not, but it really is over if I fail. What do I do? I can’t keep my phone turned off or on silent either for other reasons, other than that my phone doesn’t distract me tbh.

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