Public school or Homeschool


I was in public school for all of elementary, except 4th grade when I was homeschooled. I was in public school 6th and 7th, and homeschool 8th and 9th. I am going into 10th now and wondering which is better? I am kind of interested in going to public school because my brothers say I need “the high school experience” and act like they are better than me because they were public schooled (as if I chose to be homeschooled). I am part of a co-op so l am in a classroom a few days a week but idk it’s not the same. Both have pros and cons but I really don’t know.

Homeschool pros-

Flexible schedule

Lessons catered to my learning style

Easy breakdown and assessment of material

Broader class choices

Homeschool cons-

A lot of (not all) homeschool kids are very odd. A large majority act much younger than their age and cannot keep a friend because they are so family oriented I guess?

Lonely on the days I am home

No real structure in the way classes and units are put together

Costs money (???? Its not like it’s some fancy shmancy private school??)

Public school pros-

Lots of time with friends

More time in school (more time to learn and hear straight from the teacher)

More diversity (in every category)

Street smarts

Public school cons-

More exposure to toxic people

More prone to bullying

More teachers are forcing their political and other views on students (the reason my parents pulled me out of public in the first place)

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