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Cougar Academy of Media Arts and Technology

An official Signature School in the Washoe County School District, the Cougar Academy of Media Arts and Technology provides its students with an education with emphasis in four main categories: Video Production, Web-Design, Graphic Design/Photography, and Publications. The Cougar Academy of Media Arts and Communication will help meet the need to bridge the ever-growing “digital divide.” All four strands will help students develop the problem-solving skills needed to be successful in post-secondary education and successful careers. Through curriculum and hands-on work experience, student will gain an understanding of the real connections between their education and the workplace.   

All students will continue with their main core curriculum requirements, but enrollees will focus their electives on Media Arts and Communication, with an emphasis on one of four specific pathways: Web Design, Photography/Graphic Design, Publications, and TV/Film Production. Regardless of the chosen pathway, all students will take a round-robin elective during their freshmen year which will introduce them to all four options.

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Application Process

  • How to Apply
    • -Application Deadline – February 10, 2012! (applications can still be submitted after deadline in 2012)
    • -Application Requirements:
      • Printer-friendly version, please clickhere.  

      • Fillable .pdf version, please click

      • **Application Form – Required for all applicants.

    • -Selection Process – Applications will be reviewed by a committee at each Signature Academy.  Placement will be determined by lottery if the number of qualified candidates exceeds the number of available spots.  Up to 25% of spots at each Signature Academy will be reserved for non-zoned students.  Admissions decisions are expected to be released by March 1, 2012.


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-Academy Administrator: Jen Ritch 775-425-7028
-Academy Counselor: Tami Hooper 775-425-7020


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