Academic Links

Academic Links

Attendance Policy
Cougar Mentor Application
Academic Help
Course Catalog
Student Planner
Cite your sources
School Constitution



All documents in Adobe portfolio format
Walk-in Registration info
Freshmen Orientation and Registration info
Explanation of Fees
Registration Fee Sheet
Yearly Course Fees

Course Selection

We are now using electronic course selection through Infinite Campus. Please see the directions link below and visit the Course Catalog for class options.

Course Catalog
Directions for Electronic Course Selection

Informational Powerpoint on Course Selection


Common Core State Standards

Parents Guide to Common Core State Standards

High School English(English version) – (Spanish version)
High School Math(English version) – (Spanish version)



For Scholarship Info go to our

We have partnered with UNR and have a Writing Center:
Click here for Registration instructions
Click here for the Info flyer


Math and Science lessons
– Great Video Tutorials
We have partnered with UNR and have a Writing Center:
Click here for Registration instructions
Click here for the Info flyer

Student Relations Office

Parking Permit Application

Student Services

Pay for your Student’s Meals Online


Class Websites

C3 Media
For all teacher sites, visit “Staff Contacts” tab

AP/Testing Links

SSHS AP Contract
HSPE Test- Writing (Helpful Brochure)


-2014 SSHS Graduation will take place on Monday, June 16th, 2014 at 2:00pm at the Lawlor Events Center.

-Graduation practice is scheduled for Monday, June 16th, 2014 at 11:30am at Lawlor Events Center


Off Campus Note



Infinite Campus


Washoe County School District will use the integrated, web-based, user friendly student information system Infinite Campus to improve access to student data.  Through Infinite Campus the delivery of student information will be improved, increasing data driven decision capabilities, advancing student achievement and facilitating communication and family engagement.

-See Infinite Campus presentation file in or

-For Infinite Campus, Parents call the office 425-7733 for log in information.

-Students here is your log in (first time log in, ID number stays the same):
log in name: student ID number
password: First Initial Last initial Birthday (mm/dd/yy)

Class Officers

President: Kiley Diesner
Vice President: Shelly O’Dell
Treasurer: Ryann Wojtkowiak
Historian: Adriana Pennington
Secretary: Erika Thornton


President: Ally Batastini
Vice President: Frankie Patetta
Treasurer: Sophia Grohs
Historian: Johnnie Hartman
Secretary: Aleah Dela Cruz
President: Lailarae Espina
Vice President: Makayla Long
Treasurer: Ryan Azcarate
Historian: Nicole Walsh
Secretary: Adrienne Coats


President: Troyanna Foster
Vice President: Demi Patyka
Treasurer: Heather Azacarate
Historian: Courtney Elcano
Secretary: Shelly O’Dell


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