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The African American Cougars Club (AAC Club)

See what the African American Cougars Club has to offer you!
Meets every other Wednesday at lunch in room 170 Advisor: Paul Anderson (SRO) Click here to see the membership form for the AAC

Academic Olympics

Advisors:J. Beaver,C. Carpenter


Asian Culture Club




Parent Letter

In the SSHS bowling club, students learn the fundamentals of bowling.  They participate in a weekly practice session, and a weekly competition against another school.  This program offers two levels of participation; intramural and competitive.  The competitive team’s season culminates in the High Desert Interscholastic Bowling Program (HDIBP) championship.  It is open to all SSHS students.  Season is 8 to 9 weeks long, December through February or the first week of March.  Optional 0.5 P.E. credit is also available.  See the flyer for a breakdown of the fees.  Students must provide their own transportation to and from both practices and matches, and must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 to remain eligible.
Meetings: Vary
Advisor:  Mrs. Schmidt
Bowling Club Flyer: Click here to view

Christian Club

Advisor: Ted Branson

Cougar Council

Meets 2nd Wed of the month room 201
Advisor: Matt Faker

Cultural Diversity Club

Advisors: T. Albee, and D. Nisbet

Dance Club(DC)

Do you like music and love to dance? Have some fun and Join the dance club!

Election Board

Advisor: L. Dreelan

Dernier Cri-Fashion Design

Advisor: TBD

FBLA – Future Business Leaders of America

Future Business Leaders of America is a business-related organization with the goals to teach students business skills that will be valuable post-graduation. Students participate in business simulations, run meetings, organize community service, and compete in the state competitions with the opportunity to travel to compete in the National Competiton.
2nd and 4th Wenesday at lunch in room 122
Advisor: Brett Weible, Karen Bennett
SSHS FBLA Brochure

FCCLA – Consumer Science

FCCLA means Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America. Is is the only student led organization where the family is its main focus. There are plenty of opportunities to develop leadership skills, help our community, and make new friends. In order to become a member, a student needs to have taken or is currently enrolled in a Family and Consumer Science course; Foods, Culinary, Human Development 1,2 3 &4.
We meet Wednesdays in room 107 at lunch.
Advisor: Michelle Gach, Lucy Peters

Forensics – Speech and Debate

Advisors: T. Zahart, T. Gil


Every other Wenesday At lunch in M1
Advisor: Jonathan Reynolds

Are schools really necessary?

Gay/Straight Alliance

We meet Wenesdays in room 145 at lunch.

Green Paws

Advisor: R. Beadell, C. Hutton



Interact (Rotary)

Advisor: L. Rapp


Judicial Board

Advisor: TBD


Key Club (KIwanas

If you enjoy helping others through community service organizations such as the Food Bank, Relay for Life, And KTMB (Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful) and want to make a positive difference at Spanish Springs High School and in the community, then Key Club is the place for you! Meetings are held at lunch every Wednesday in room 101. Bring lunch and a friend and start helping your community!
Advisor: C Fritz


Advisor: TBD


(BOYS)Advisor:T. Clark


Latinos Unidos

M2 at lunch on Wenesdays
Advisor:D. Quinonez

Mock Trial

Advisor: Mr. Barry

The Cougar Movie Club

Meetings: Every other Wenesday at lunch in room 157
Advisors:J.Heiner, A. Roach, K. Marsh

Murals Club

Murals Club Flyer
Meetings are every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:30 in room 145
Advisor:K. Marsh

National Honor Society

The Spanish Springs High School National Honor Society advisors and officers invite you to become a member of an incredible, National organization that is devoted to Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character. This program will enhance your leadership skills and increase your involvement in the community. As a member you’re provided with many academic, scholarship, and leadership opportunities that will give you an advantage when applying for jobs and a variety of different colleges across the country. National Honor Society has a number of activities that will get you involved in the community you live in. We have participated in many events, including trick or treat for canned goods and Christmas tree recycling. We meet at lunch every Wenesday in room 218, so come and join!
Advisors: B. Kelley
Come for National Honor Society tutoring!
Check out the flyer for tutoring

Native American Diversity

Advisor: A. Abbie
Meetings: Every other Wenesday at lunch in room 203
President:Dereck Imus


Advisor R. Ludwig

Outdoor Club

Advisor: TBD

Paiute Language Club

Meetings: TBD

Peer Mentoring

Advisor:T. Albee

Puple People

Advisors:M. Bowers, C. Tatro


Meetings: Every Wenesday at lunch and every Monday 2:30 in room 154
Advisor: Kelly Miller

Rock Climbing


Science Olypiad

Advisor: R. Beadell

Skills USA Club

Check out the flyer for Skills USA
Advisors:C. Bartl,M. Bowers,K. Marsh,L. Peters, T. Scott, S. Underwood, B. Weible

SSHS Snowboard and Ski Club

Visit the
Advisor:N. Burra

Sports Medicine

Meetings TBD
Advisor: Matt Faker

Student Faker

Meetings:Every 3*
Advsor: Matt Faker

Student Council

Meetings:1st Wed of the month room 201
Advisor: Matt Faker

Theatre Club

Advisor: Ms. Bogard

Video Game Designing

Advisor: S. Underwood

9th Grade Advisors

Advisors: A. Calonico,S. Kassebaum

10th Grade Advisors

Advisors: M. Stoddard, N. Rhea

11th Grade Advisors

Avisors: T. Albee, A,Dreelan
Meetings:Officers Monday at lunch in room 120
Prom Monday at 2:30 in room 210

12th Grade Advisors

Advisors: N. Burra, G. Torcaso





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